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  • Rotary clubs help fight the COVID-19 pandemic

    Members use ingenuity, flexibility to help people affected by coronavirus and to stay connected

  • Sarah Parcak and the secrets of the satellites

    Inspired in part by Indiana Jones, space archaeologist Sarah Parcak uses futuristic airborne technology to unearth the treasures of the past.

  • The Plastic Trap

    How do we escape our tangled relationship with a throwaway culture? Rotarians are pointing the way.

  • Exodus

    Since 2015, more than 4 million people have fled an economically devastated Venezuela. Tracking the stories of three who left puts faces on that staggering statistic.

  • Scientist, farmer, innovator, Rotarian

    A plainsman with a PhD, Bob Quinn uses his 4,000-acre Montana spread as a laboratory to revive an ancient grain, rethink agricultural practices, and reinvigorate rural communities