Rutherglen Country Fair Stallholders
7th June 2020

Please read the following conditions that all stallholders must comply with before completing and returning the application form.

  1. Stalls must be set up AFTER 7AM and REMOVED FOR TRAFFIC BY 4:30 PM.
  2. Stalls will be allocated after the closing date.
  3. Stallholders are required to remain within the area allocated and keep their goods within that space. Footpaths must be kept clear for pedestrian traffic.
  4. Stallholders are requested to determine the amount of space required (each site = 3m X 3m) and to pay for it on booking. Space will be allocated on the basis of a fee of $100.00 per site (maximum of 3 sites) per application.
  5. Please bring your site notification letter as proof of site number/s on the day. 
  6. Stallholders WILL NOT be permitted to sell hot food, beverages or offensive products (smell etc). 
  7. No power is available and no generators are permitted.
  8. No public address systems are permitted.
  9. The organisers retain the right to return any application fee or reject any application and no correspondence will be entered into.
  10.  Stallholders must provide proof of their Public Liability Insurance covering the 7th of June 2020 upon request.
  11. Closing date for all applications is COB Sunday 10th May 2020 or before if necessary.
  12. Stallholders are required to leave their site(s) clean, tidy and FREE OF PACKAGING. If this is not complied with any application for a site next year may be refused.
  13.  If you change any of your address please notify the market secretary immediately.
  14.  The Rotary Club makes no provision for, nor takes any responsibility for inclement weather.
  15. Sites are not transferable.
  16. ALL FOOD SELLERS must hold a current registration on the online STREATRADER system: AND ALL FOOD SELLERS must submit their STREATRADER SOT (Statement of Trade) at least 5 days prior to the event.